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    1. 建德市航壽新貿易有限公司成立于2019年,主營各類材質、各種規格的建筑模板,公司團隊扎根建筑模板行業十幾年,秉承嚴謹態度,深放全國各地,嚴格把關所有產品的工藝、材料、生產過程,為客戶甄選最優質、性價比更高的產品。

      Jiande Hangshou New Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. It is mainly engaged in building templates of various materials and specifications. The company team has been rooted in the building template industry for more than ten years. Adhering to a rigorous attitude, it is deeply rooted in all parts of the country and strictly controls all products. Based on the technology, materials and production process, we can select the best quality and cost-effective products for customers.